Zip up your Arctic rescue suit and get ready to ice-float in the sub-zero waters of Finland!


    This Bizarre winter experience is treading in Rovaniemi, Finland. Arctic ice Floating lets you drift safely in sub-zero waters while enjoying Lapland’s silent beauty. Created by local tour company Safartica. The adventure begins in a small cabin in the Mottimetsa Forest, where you are outfitted with an Arctic Rescue Suit.

    Designed to keep you and your clothes dry. This suits also keep floaters warm and buoyant, guides cut a hole in the frozen Juotalampi Lake.

    Then it’s time to climb in, listen to ice cracking all around you. The weightlessness adds to the chill(y) vibes. Afterwards, warm up with Finn’s favorite drink Coffee!

    Each season everyone on the ships has to perform the survival drills.  Before the ship leaves, they do immersion suit practice.  Also known as “Gumby suits”, these will save your life if you’re forced into arctic waters. The instructor teaches them to form a ring so they will stay together.  That third set of feet from the left is Himself.

    Then you are taught how to get into the lifeboats.  Himself is an old hand at this and gets up there pretty quickly and with minimum effort.