Zero Discrimination Day: Is Discrimination An Emerging Obstacle For India? 

Discrimination: What clicks in your mind after reading this word? Whenever the topic arises, everyone presents their different views and opinions on it. Many times, we generalize the term discrimination in various situations and events.

We all are familiar with prejudice based on age, sex, religion, caste, race, color, and nationality, but there are various other categories of biasness that most people ignore.

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To create awareness against discrimination and to promote equality, UNAIDS introduced Zero Discrimination Day on 13th December 2013.Healthcare Notably, the day was first commemorated on 01st March 2014.

This Zero Discrimination Day, let us have a look at the different classes of Inequality that are left unheard and unsaid.

  • Food, Health, and Security are not available to all

Food, shelter, and nutrition are the basic needs of a human being. Unfortunately, India is a country where 48.86 crore people underwent food insecurity in 2017-2019. The statistics increased by 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Thus, basic nutrition and security from various threats shall be considered a basic requirement of every citizen.

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  • The Rights Of Children Are Suppressed

In many cases, the Government and law ignore the basic rights of the children of the country. Several times the crimes against children are overlooked and ignored. Thus, their rights shall be considered important, regardless of their gender and economic status.blank

  • Inequality based on Women Body

All women have different body sizes. And thus, discrimination based on body size and color shall not be promoted. Society should burst the myth of perfect body size. Also, every woman must have sexual and reproductive health rights, irrespective of their body.

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  • Health Care Is Expensive in the Country

In India, many people lose their lives because they do not have adequate funds for their medical treatment. The preference of treatment in hospitals is mostly based upon the people who pay more rather than the needy ones. Not only physical health but the medical care for mental health is too expensive in the country. Hence, Healthcare shall be based on needs and not on money.

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  • The Specially Abled People Do not Get Opportunities

Many sectors and companies in the country do not provide employment opportunities to specially-abled people. Even there are not sufficient institutions to provide proper and complete education to them. People focus on their disabilities more than their abilities. Thus, necessary steps must be taken to provide opportunities to people with exceptional differently-abled people.

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Don’t you think that we have generalized the above-mentioned inequalities so much that we even forget that they do exist? This Zero Discrimination Day, decide what you want to do?

Let us all take part in this campaign by stopping discrimination!!!!!

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