Yuvraj Singh Faces Backlash After Calling This Indian Cricketer “Bhangi”


Yuvraj Singh is one of those players who is very active on social media. He is constantly coming live with fellow players and also talking on many issues. Meanwhile, Yuvraj Singh is caught in a new controversy and fans are getting angry against him on Twitter. Even the fans are demanding forgiveness from him. Rohit Sharma has also come on target with Yuvraj Singh.

On 1st June, Rohit Sharma and Yuvraj Singh came live on Instagram. During this chat, Yuzvendra Chahal was seen commenting, after which Singh and Rohit Sharma trolled him on the live video. However, during this chat, fans of Yuvraj  have objected to one comment made by Yuvraj Singh and now they are demanding forgiveness from him.

“Ye bhangi logon ko koi kaam nahi hai Yuzi ko… Yuzi ko dekha kaisa video daala.” Yuvraj was heard as saying this during his live chat with Rohit.

“Maine usko woi bola ki apne baap ko nacha raha hai tu pagal to nahi hai,” replied Rohit.

One user wrote: 

Yuvi sir, don’t you think that Yuzvendra Chahal is also an important part of the Indian team. You have no right to use such words against him. You have to apologize.

Yuvraj Singh had earlier got trolled for helping Shahid Afridi. After this, Yuvraj Singh had to apologize to his fans. However, Rohit Sharma or Yuvraj Singh have not done anything on this issue yet.