YouTube to blame for those who believe Earth is flat: Research


Scientists spent a lot of time convincing the world that the Earth is not flat, but it is spherical. In modern times, YouTube is a way to reduce the hard work by giving birth to believers of the flat earth.

As per the latest technology news, assistant professor of science communications, Asheley Landrum at Texas Tech University, decided to look at the rise of flat Earth theory. She interviewed 30 people who attended a flat Earth convention and found that all but one became flat Earthers after watching videos on YouTube.

Professor didn’t particularly blamed YouTube for the increase in flat Earth believers but believed that Google needs to do more to stop the spread of false information.

The search giant had admitted in the past that when faced with incorrect information, something more needs to be done. Google has already started taking steps in this direction to reduce the recommendations of content that might misinform people.

Meanwhile, Landrum is telling scientists to use the same medium of YouTube to communicate the right information to the audience.