YouTube paedophilia ring: More than 400 channels banned over child exploitation


As per the reports of YouTube, leading to paedophilia ring concerns by users, YouTube has banned hundreds of channels and disabled comments for content that promoted child exploitation.

Nestle, Disney, Epic, and McDonald’s, all the top brands have put a break on their advertisements on the platform, YouTube announced the ban on more than 400 channels regarding the concerns of child abuse through the platform.

Considering last week, Redditor Matt Watson underlined how YouTube’s algorithm allowed abusive comments in time-stamped video portions in which children were shown in compromising or not so good positions.

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There were also recommendations which were offensive, accusing YouTube of not restricting the ‘soft paedophilia ring’, which were also monetized through ads, where perverts are able to contact each other by abusing the comments section.

Including initial steps, YouTube took action against the offending channels in the last 48 hours. It has also noted illegal comments to law enforcement.