YouTube to restrict ‘dislike mobs’ with additional features

YouTube is searching for options to restrict the negativity caused by the increasing number of people disliking the platform. YouTubers did a lot of efforts when you talk about creating content and uploading it to the platform.

However, sometimes ‘disliked mobs’ make the creators feel their efforts goes in vain.

Now, YouTube desires to introduce some new features which might prevent these users who don’t even watch the video and hit the dislike button.

Tom Leung, Project Management Director in a YouTube video reveals the different steps which company is discussing internally and which could act as a barrier for ‘dislike mobs’.

One of its features includes hiding the number of dislikes. But it doesn’t mean that viewers will not be able to express their disinterest or disliking for a particular video, it means that the creator will get to hide it if the ‘dislike mob’ is going in the excessive flow.

The other method is the feedback approach where users can be asked to fill in a checkbox as to why they disliked a particular video. However, this method is instead a complex one to create.

In the last, Leung suggests removing all the dislike buttons altogether from YouTube but he is quick to indicate that having a no dislike button would be extreme and not democratic as not all dislikes are dislike mobs.

These features of Youtube are still in the initial stages of development and discussion and it’s not clear that when these will be released out to the YouTube Studio creators.

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