YouTube’s three-strike system you should know if your content violates policies


YouTube has declared a simple three-strike system for content creators who post stuff that violates the platform’s Community Guidelines.

YouTube in a blog post outlined these changes, explaining that begins on February 25, all channels will receive a first time warning that says – the first time they post content that is in violation. Except for the removal of the content in question, there will be no penalties to their channel.

The first strike will let you stop you from uploading any new content on YouTube, including live streaming, and other channel activities for one week. The strike will end after 90 days.

The ability to upload the second strike in a period of 90 days will result in a two-week ban, while a third-strike in the period of 90 days will result in the termination of the channel.

YouTube also analyzes that while most strikes result from videos, it also takes into account all the content of the platform, involving stories, custom thumbnails, or links to other websites included in the video’s description or info card.

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The company witnesses that 98 percent of its users who upload content never violate its policies, and those who do so stop after the first strike.