YouTube draws complaint after Redditor highlights ‘paedophile ring’

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YouTube is again making headlines for failing to protect children through its community of online video content. A Redditor has underlined that he calls a ‘wormhole into soft-core paedophile ring on YouTube’, which the company is unhappily even monetizing upon.

Redditor Matt Watson resulted in a discovery that YouTube’s advised algorithm is promoting paedophiles’ capability to link with each other, trade contact information, and connect to actual child pornography through the comments section, where people are time-stamping sections of the video when the children are shown in compromising positions.

Regarding Reddit in his post, Watson wrote that over the time of two days he was able to get access to such content through never-before-used YouTube accounts via harmless videos.

Big brands like McDonald’s and Disney monetizes these videos- He said.

This raises the question to YouTube measures in removing content that disobeys its policies. The company claims to remove comments or videos which are accurate in nature or show child abuse.

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As a result regarding the issue highlighted by Watson, YouTube told of the sources that any content, including comments, that threatens minors is prohibited on YouTube. The company continues to invest in technology and partnerships to reduce such violations.

Nevertheless, there are cases when AI moderation systems are unable to examine or remove unwanted or bad content.

Further to it, the spokesman told the publication that the majority of the fall-off videos by Watson are honest recordings of children doing everyday things.

However, the problem is that the content is being reused and time division for abusive satisfaction and exploitation.