Your Guide To Different Kinds Of Popular Diets!

Whether you want to live a healthier life, are a fitness freak or fighting against a lifestyle disease dieting is something we all try to incorporate in our daily lives.

The world is evolving and so is the concept of dieting, now it’s not only for people who want to lose weight it has become more of a lifestyle choice.

But, choosing the one that meets your needs can be tricky when there are so many options out there.

Don’t worry, here is your guide to different kinds of popular diets!

The Vegan Diet!

Vegan food
Via: The Independent

Most of the celebrities and even Bill Gates himself is following this diet. But why is that? Because this diet is based on plant-based products and excluded the consumption of animal-based products. It has a lot of benefits like weight loss and reduces the risk of certain cancers and heart diseases. It is even environmentally sustainable! But before you make up your mind, the vegan diet has its cons too! the vegan diet lacks certain vitamins like vitamin B12 and Vitamin D and you will have to take supplements for that. Don’t worry, a lot of vegan substitutes are available in the market.

The MIND Diet!

Mind Food
Via: Cleveland Clinic Health Essentials


The mind diet or Mediterranean-DASH Intervention for Neurodegenerative Delay diet is a combination of Meditteranean and DASH diet which is great for your brain. It prevents diseases like dementia and brain function loss as we progress to old age. This diet is very effective and consists of food groups you should eat more servings of and others that you should avoid. The food that improves brain health is green leafy vegetables, berries, olive oil, nuts, whole grains, and wine. The food that needs to be avoided is sweets, cheese, and fried food. If you want a diet that will improve your brain health this is the one!

The Raw Food Diet!

Raw food

The raw food diet mainly consists of eating raw unprocessed mostly organic food. It can be plant or animal-based and is said to be great for fighting chronic diseases. This diet aims to reduce a significant amount of weight, make the skin clearer, increase energy, and improves digestion. People generally consume food like sprouted beans, raw fruits and nuts, coconut milk and unprocessed and fermented food while avoiding processed and refined food including table set and refined sugar. You can add some amount of processed food in your diet to start with but the raw foods should be three-quarters of your diet.

The Paleo Diet!

Paleo Food
Via: The Economic Times

The Paleo diet also is known as the cage man diet or stone-age diet involves the consumption of food that humans ate in the Paleolithic era. The diet avoids all sugars, processed foods, and milk. The food you can eat include meat, eggs, fruits, and vegetables.

This diet is good for reducing weight, depression is anti-inflammatory and reduces allergy!

The Blood Type Diet!

Blood type food
Via: Verywell Fit

This unique concept says that your diet should be based on your blood type for the best results. Consuming food according to your blood type will aid in digestion, prevent a lot of diseases and keep you energized. This diet involves different foods for different groups and even exercises!

Choosing the right diet is very important for a healthy life, make your decision wisely!

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