Your eyes speak a lot about you!

    credit: cdn

    This beautiful world is being seen by our immensely intense eyes. Our eyes speak louder than our words could! The instance you see someone and look into their eyes. Eyes are the best way to express yourself without uttering a single word. Don’t you think so? Or you can say eyes are the most influential thing that is a medium to express yourself. Even the poets with their fascinated and out-of-the-box imagination of one’s eye pinpoint our interest towards it a little more; the best way to enhance those thoughts, emotions, feelings which is craving in inner you. The volume of eyes speaks what you feel.

    So, it will be very interesting to know that what shape, color, and size of eyes actually reveal about you.

    Just read it to find who you are?

    1. Big Eyes

    If your eyes are bigger in shape than the rest of the features, then surely you have big eyes. They not only have an appealing look but also are the mark of a person who is sensible and hidden. People with these types of eyes are very open-minded. They will always have curiosity in their mind one after the other. They will always be someone with beautiful and shining ideas that all contribute to being a well creative person. Your eyes reflect a warm, kind and romantic nature person. People considered with more intelligence.

    1. Almond-shaped Eyes

    If your eyes are rounded and end to a point, you have almond shaped eyes. These eyes say that you have a kind soul, immensely passionate about the things that fascinate you. You may also be a person who is self-sufficient, calm and very composed. These types of people have a very balanced vision towards life, usually, emotions do not affect them or their work, but the truth is you are very warm and compassionate. You are a person with a good heart.

    1. Closed-set Eyes

    People having close-set eyes are often stubborn in nature and have their own way of doing anything. They are people with serious attitude. They have deep respect for the aged people. As they like to follow every, little custom, traditions followed by their ancestors.


    They are hard workers, as they are detail oriented, disciplined and focused many times and sometimes short-tempered also.

    1. Wide-set Eyes
    credit: beautyheaven

    You are the person who is a natural born leader, who love to experiment and explore. You always like to be on the top-fascinated towards latest trends- in short trend-setters.

    You are flexible to the environment, adaptable and broad-minded. You find it difficult to stick to a monotonous routine. A very adventurous person you are.

    1. Round shaped Eyes

    People with round eyes are very creative and imaginative person. They can be daydreamers sometimes. You are easily carried away by the emotions and can’t keep secrets and thoughts to yourself. You are happy in your way. These persons have their own charm and wittiness. But mood swings and impracticality may hinder your personality many times, with over-imagination and over-thinking sometimes.

    1. Deep-set Eyes

    Deep-set eyes reveal the person who is idealistic, intense, and very romantic indeed. They are kind of introvert (sort of reserved in nature). They are very passionate about observing the people’s mindset- a good observant many times.

    1. Upturned Eyes
    credit: cdn

    Have upturned eyes? A person who is more detail-oriented, focused, and goal-oriented. Nobody can stop you if you are determined to do the work. Upward slanting eyes are called cat eyes. If you lucky enough having them then you are very ambitious one.

    You are a very fun loving person- as people often fall in love with you. You are so cunning and optimistic many times. But sometimes you are viewed as or judged as selfish.

    1. Down-turned Eyes
    credit: cdn

    You are the person who is incredibly loyal having down-turned eyes and a great friend too. They are very much dependent on their closed ones. They have a discouraged shade of them, which often make it difficult for them to take any decision of their own. They are easily dominated by others and hardly they say NO to anybody.