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You Must Know About Bleach Myths Before Opting For Skin Bleaching

There are plenty of ways available for dealing with facial hair like plucking, shaving, or epilating. But many of us prefer bleaching because of the easy and fast way to deal with facial hair. But you might not be familiar with the myths about skin bleaching.

Dermatologists and beauty experts always recommend not using bleaching. They believe that bleaching products are made up of chemicals that are not good for your skin. It leads to pigmentation, skin irritation, rashes, and much more. So, here we discuss the myths associated with bleaching that you must know before trying it. Let’s look! 

Bleaching Is Safe:

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Dermatologists said that sodium hypochlorite is present in bleach that leads to a chemical reaction on your skin. Moreover, when you contact the sun after bleaching, this reaction can cause skin allergies and breakouts. It is also bad for the skin because it leads to pigmentation and irritation. 

It Causes Facial Hair To Grow Longer:


According to beauty experts, your facial hair grows under the skin or at its roots. But bleach only hides the facial hair of the upper skin. So, it isn’t responsible for the growing longer facial hair. 

Makes You Fairer:

Bleaching is unable to change the skin tone to make you look fairer as it can only work on pigmentation, spots, and acne marks. Bleach contains several chemical ingredients such as sodium hypochlorite, hydrogen peroxide, and calcium. 

All Bleach Creams Are The Same:


Dermatologists said that all bleaching products are different from each other. The difference between the products depends on the ingredients. Therefore, newly launched bleaching products are better than old products. Moreover, moisturizing oil is also present in new products that can heal skin rashes and skin irritation. 

The Effect Of Bleaching Is Permanent:


It is essential to know that the bleaching effect is not lasting. For various external and internal factors like hormones, nutrition, smoking, pollution, and so on, your skin tends to change. But beauty experts believe that bleaching has plenty of side effects on the skin as it is made from chemical-based products. 

To conclude, these are the four myths that everyone must know about skin bleaching. So, stop using bleach products and prevent your skin from numerous side effects. But after that, if you want to use bleach products, then first consult your skin doctor and then opt for it.  

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