WOW! Lesser known facts of Britain’s most beautiful queen Elizabeth


    Britain’s current beautiful Queen Elizabeth II is going to turn 90 in coming few days on 21 April. Though you may read her about professional and personal life,

    there are some facts, which most of the people don’t know. Stackumbrella brings you hard to know facts about Britain’s queen that will surprise you.
    Queen Elizabeth II don’t have passport. (It’s true, I am not joking)
    Queen Elizabeth has visited to around 116 countries at her reign and also travelled in history at many states- she never hold’s passport.  You can ask, why? As all British passports were issue in the name of queen, so she doesn’t need any one. Then she also don’t need driver’s license.
    She not changed her surname after marry to her husband:

    Via: thejournal
    Via: thejournal

    During the world war I, her family dropper their name and then replaced it with the Windsor in view. Similarly, Elizabeth husband dropped the name of his father and adopted his grandparents.
    Queen Elizabeth has 2 birthdays!

    Each commonwealth countries celebrate traditionally queen’s birthday in May and June. In US, it falls on third Saturday and first Saturday in June month. On the other hand, Britain celebrates queen birthday officially on 21 April. It is the actual birth date of queen’s birthday.
    Talk about her all over the world
    Giver her dynamic personality and beauty, queen has been the most popular topic of the world and also have wide fan following.
    Wedding dress:

    Elizabeth wedding dress was the only dress that worn by the Queen Elizabeth I at her wedding. This was really epic, and also it becomes a biggest memory.
    She loves horses:
    She love horses, but this love started when a pony gifted to her on her birthday when she was just of three. In this way she developed deep love for horses.
    Mark her punctuality:
    Via: dailymail
    Via: dailymail

    50 years of queen’s reign, she attended each and every opening sessions of parliament. She skipped just one or two programs when she was pregnant. Beat that!
    30 god children!………WHAAAAAAT?                                                   
    What you think how anyone have godchildren’s? Mainly two or four?  But Queen Elizabeth had around 30 godchildren. It is really shocking.

    There is nothing that queen cannot do, in her younger age she was a smart sea ranger and also a girl guide.