9 Birds Who Look More Like Aliens Than Birds

most unusal birds in the world

Birds come in all sort of shapes, colors, and sizes. Although they all have so many features in common – wings, beaks, feathers- some birds look like the bizarre creatures on Earth that people think they could have been photoshopped by professional photographers.

Surprisingly, there are some real birds in the birds that look like aliens that might shock you not only with their shape and color but also with their actions.

9 Most Strange Looking Birds

King Vulture:

king vulture

The King Vulture is a scavenger and a vulture. These birds are big — that’s why they fly in the air to sustain their energy hunting for food like dead creatures.

This bird is extremely advantageous to our globe because of its consumption habits. The King Vulture occupies an ecological niche and helps assist ward off the transmission of infections and diseases by utilizing remains.

King Vultures can survive anywhere from Argentina to Mexico South.



Thee cock-of-the-rock bird is native to South America. You can spot them in hot and subtropical rocky areas. The males birds are striking as of the attractive fan-shaped crests that they need to attract females.

Speak about their mating habits, the males first start to show their colorful plumage and making several mating calls. After that, the female bird becomes independent, makes a beautiful nest in a rocky area, and protects the eggs by herself.

The bird of Paradise:

The bird of Paradise

This is a small bird almost 10 in long. When faced head-on, it absorbs around 99.95% of sunlight.

They were called as a “new” bird species as they act absolutely different as compared to other bird species. The vocalizations and courtship dance are different.

Even the female’s shape and design in contrast to the males are varied. It’s a very attractive bird that can mesmerize you with its dancing and its unusual appearance.

Golden Pheasants:


Golden Pheasant’s birds are native to central China though they too live in Spain, France, southwestern Scotland, and Britain.

Golden Pheasants is considered as one of the brightest birds and has a surprisingly long tail. It is compelling that the female birds can lay 10 to 11 eggs that hatch after 3 weeks.

The Golden Pheasant is a symbol of good fortune, good luck, and prosperity. These birds have an amazing knack for recognizing unusual happenings and dangers.

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Via: San Diego Zoo Animals

These amazing birds can range in size from 1 ft – 3 ‘11’. They eat fruits and small insects. As of their little tongue. They are good hunters, walking around the garden and using their beaks to catch prey, including snakes, lizards, small mammals, birds, and even monkeys, tortoises and rabbits.

Christmas frigatebird:

Christmas frigatebird

The bird got this name as they are only found on Christmas Island. Also, they are known as Pirates, cause they steal food from other birds.

These birds live in pairs. Female birds are larger than males. Female birds have a white belly and breast, a small white collar around the neck. On the other hand, males are dark, have a small patch on the lower abdomen.

Andean condor:

Andean condor
Via:Chimu Adventures

Andean condor has a wingspread around 3 m ( 10 feet) and it is known as the largest flying bird in the world. Fully grown birds weight can reach 15 kg and the height can reach about 1.2 m.

This stunning bird is also the largest raptor in the world. In Spite of their wings, they are not good flyers among birds as they are extremely heavy.

Interestingly, these birds produce one egg in every 2 years and the hatching period lasts between 54 to 58 days.

The Mandarin duck:

The Mandarin duck

The Mandarin duck is native to Japan and China and is popularly known to be the most beautiful duck in the world. As most of the ducks, mandarin duck also find a partner for the season and get new partner again in the autumn.

Unlike other ducks, female mandarin makes clucking calls when sense danger, they don’t quack. When it comes to mating, female ducks take the initiative in selecting a mate by giving enticing signals toward a choice mate.

Swinhoe’s pheasant:

Swinhoe’s pheasant

This bird has a small population in the world because of their habitat degradation. The male bird can grow up to 31 in. They are bright and have blue-purple chest, red wattles, white nape, and white crest and tail.

While females are plainer and much smaller. They are usually greyish-brown, with triangular shaped yellow-buff markings. The middle tail feathers are of body color with brown barring and the outer tail feathers are reddish brown.

So, these are the world’s weirdest birds that mistaken for aliens in the world.