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Some people love collecting comic books, other collect Stamps. Different people have a different interest in collecting items. So, today I will show you the weirdest collection ever. Have a look below:

Hamburger Harry:

A man named Hamburger Harry won the Guinness world record for the largest collection of hamburger-related items. This was verified in Daytona beach and his collection consists of a whopping 3,724 items. It’s most likely gotten bigger since it was verified on September 2014. Anything from Ronald McDonald statues to burger tricycles all is apart of his collection.

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This guy even sleeps on a giant hamburger at night! Unless anyone else is considering actually breaking this record, this world record will most likely go undisputed for quite some time.

Toenail Clippings:

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Who in their right mind would even consider trying to amass such a collection! Well, the answer is Atlantic Path which is a cancer research company from Canada. The record certainly sounds a little bit crazy and that’s why it’s on this list but apparently, they have a good reason for it. An Atlantic path is trying to find the reason for elevated cancer rates in Canada’s Atlantic region. Toenails hold a lot of DNA and can tell researchers quite a few things such as the types of elements people are exposed to or which chemicals might be in their system. They won the world record by collecting samples of toenails from more than 24,999 individuals with more than 30,000!

Ouija Boards

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The Ouija board is considered to be a portal that spirits can travel through and even right into your own home. Kids who use these might get caught trespassing into cemeteries or abandoned buildings in order to communicate with the dead or other things. People trying to communicate with ghosts might not get exactly what they’re targeting. People have been fascinated with the possible paranormal entities they can communicate with so there’s bound to be at least one person out there with a huge ouija board collection.

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A haunted hotel known as the Grand Midway Hotel in Pennsylvania houses the world’s largest ouija board. This photo here even displays a massive ouija board on the roof!  This evil board game is over 1300 feet in area and it was constructed by the sons of two funeral directors. Guests have been completely freaked out by it when they get the chance to see it. They also have a large collection of normal sized ouija boards inside the hotel. Would you even consider sleeping the night here

Garden Gnomes:


Garden gnomes can be often misunderstood and even kidnapped from people’s properties. Ann Atkin from the United Kingdom provides refuge for 1500 garden gnomes at her home in Devon, England. She claims their magical little creatures that let her escape from everyday life that put smiles on her face. She owns a 4-acre garden called the Gnome Reserve and wildflower garden which is basically a village for the little gnomes.

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She allows people to visit the garden under one condition; don’t hurt the gnomes! By the looks of some of these photos, it appears as though the gnomes are the ones who are in control and walking around here could be difficult. By looking at some of these collections, you have to wonder how much is too much. If it makes them happy, that’s what counts right?

Mayweather’s Car collections:

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While many people enjoy collecting things such as baseball cards or memorabilia, Floyd money Mayweather enjoys collecting luxury sports cars. The undisputed champion of boxing, Floyd Money Mayweather is known for living a lavish lifestyle of a king. He was the highest paid athlete in 2015 bringing in 300 million.

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He owns a house in Las Vegas that’s over 20,000 square feet and spares no expense on top of the line sports cars or anything really. Ferraris, Rolls Royces, Bugattis are just the tip of the iceberg, these are just considered toys to him and calls it his million dollar garage. He has 7 cars that some costing nearly 4 million apiece, about 15 million in his garage he rarely drives. The closet filled with a ton of clothes. At the Vegas mansion, he has 7 bedrooms, nine bathrooms a 12 person shower, marble floors, a home theater and don’t forget about his pet tiger. Other cars he owns include the Mercedes SLS, Bugatti Veyron, Ferrari f430, Lambo Murcielago and an Aventador.