Wow! Meet World’s First Laser Headphones

    Glowing headphones

    The terminology you need to know is Fibrance, which is simply a thin and highly light-diffusing fiber that is flexible and can release continuous uniform light. Like other Corning optical fibers, Fibrance consists of pure glass core which transmits and diffuses light from single or multicolor laser sources with high reliability over very long lengths.

    Glowing headphones

    Fiber can be embedded in tight or even small places. Its internal structure includes nanostructure designed to accurately emit light in uniform directions, and in a controlled way. Nanostructures are combined into the glass optical fiber core during manufacturing only. Due to this structure, Fibrance light-diffusing fiber can curve and wrap in any direction while maintaining constant, powerful emission of light.

    The pureness of glass fiber outcomes in bright, clear colors for a vibrant glow of up to 50 meters. And when the light source stops, the fiber is almost invisible.

    Make your music Glow 

    music glowing headphones

    Much the same as in these headphones. Which look normal, to be honest at first glance. The notching feature of out of the ordinary thing will be realized when you will connect them to your smartphone and turn them on. Things will change in an amazing manner! for sure.

    Color changes glowing headphones

    These light headphones are glittering wires which are just that are astounding to look at. You can choose the type of lighting patterns from your iOS smartphone. This is not done yet, there is something more to it!

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    iOS smartphone

    The glow headphones feature a built-in mic that allows you to make calls, text messages, and direct voice commands to Google Now, SIRI, as well as the Glow App. How brainy and cool is that? We all can just wonder, How?!

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    Built in mic glowing headphones

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    Connecting your smartphone with the world’s first laser Headphones through this helpful video:

    If you ask yourself one question. Are these the best headphones until now? Probably the answer is YES!