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World Kidney Day 2023: Things You Don’t Know About Kidney Disease!!

World Kidney day is celebrated every year to acknowledge the symptoms of kidney disease. Also, this day helps global health by hosting an awareness campaign that teaches people about the side effects of bad and unhealthy eating habits.

World Kidney Day 2023

This day was discovered to recognize the impact of kidney diseases and slow down its effect by advertising their harmful effects. This day is celebrated on the second Thursday of every March. 66 countries started celebrating this day since its launch in 2006. The number of countries celebrating World Kidney Day rose to 88 in the next two years.

The day was initiated by the International Society of Nephrology (ISN) and the International Federation of Kidney Foundations (IFKF). This day is dedicated to raising awareness and informing people about the worsening impact of kidney disease.

World Kidney Day 2023: Things to Know About Kidney Disease

  • More than 850 million people in the world have diseases related to kidneys. There is not just one but several variants of kidney disease;
  • Diabetes and high blood pressure are the two leading causes of diseases related to the kidneys. These two health symptoms are most common in middle and old-aged people;
  • Kidney disease isn’t very symptomatic until it turns into something terrible. It’s better to get a routine checkup to find out any kidney-related disease;
  • Early treatment and prevention measures can slow down kidney disease and avoid permanent damage;
  • The harmful effects boosted by kidney diseases include- heart attacks, strokes, and kidney failure;
  • Kidney disease directly impacts the immune system. Patients with kidney disease also tend to have an increased risk of Covid-19.

Answer These Questions to Know Your Kidney’s Health

Do you have diabetes?
Do you have high blood pressure?
Do you Have any symptoms of heart-related disease?
Does your feet/leg/face swell?
Do any of your relatives suffer from kidney disease?
Are you addicted to painkillers?
Do you use local medicine/ natural herbs?

If you have replied to all of these questions and if you have given yes to even three of these questions then you must look for a proper checkup. Kidney diseases are not at all dangerous if preventive measures are taken beforehand.

World Kidney Day 2023 World Kidney Day 2023 World Kidney Day 2023

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