World Asthma Day: Different Types Of Asthma That Should Be Known

According to a report by the World Health Organization, it was said that about 15-20 million people are suffering from Asthma in India. And out of these people, 20% are children. This shows that children in India are more prone to Asthma than Adults. Today, on World Asthma Day, it is important to draw the attention of people towards this disease.

Many individuals are unaware of the existence of different types of Asthma. they consider all types of asthma to be similar. However, there are differences in Asthma. To remove your doubts, you will get to know about different types of Asthma. Before we begin, let’s have a small introduction to asthma.

Introduction to Asthma

Asthma is a type of medical condition in which the affected person is unable to breathe properly. As there is the blockage in the air passage, a person finds it difficult to breathe normally. Asthma comes in the body through the exposure of the body to allergens, viruses, and irritants.

Types of Asthma

Allergic Asthma

Allergic Asthma

Asthma that happens through the effect of allergens is quite common. 60% of the population who have asthma suffers from allergic Asthma. When you come in close contact with pollens, dust particles, and animal dander, inflammation occurs in airways.

Common symptoms of allergic Asthma include a scratchy throat, weepy eyes, and swollen nasal passages.

Asthma induced by Exercise

Exercise induced Asthma

When a person finds it difficult to breathe during an exercise, he is suffering from exercise-induced Asthma. There are two categories in this type. Some people get difficulty after exercising and some during an exercise session.

Because of the inflation in the air passage, it becomes challenging for an individual to breathe normally. Symptoms include Wheezing and coughing.

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Occupational Asthma

Occupational Asthma

This type of Asthma takes place in the human body due to the environment. Generally, in chemical and paint industries, you will have difficulty in breathing, due to the pollen-rich conditions.

A person who suffers from this Asthma has difficulty in breathing. Common symptoms include runny nose, irritation in eyes, and Wheezing. Most of the affected individuals are barbers, hairdressers, and painters.

Nocturnal Asthma

Nocturnal Asthma

In this type of Asthma, an individual will get difficulty in breathing during night time. It can disturb your sleep patterns. Symptoms of Nocturnal Asthma include cough, breathlessness, and Wheezing.

It is said that 40% of people suffer from this type of Asthma. The reason behind this asthma is the variations in the sleep-wake cycle.

Make sure you read the above information thoroughly to remove doubts regarding types of Asthma.

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