Work From Home- How To Motivate Employees During Covid

We all are juggling from the adversities of pandemic, and due to this companies are impelled to make their employees work in work from home setup. In this scenario it is habitual for many people to get frustrated and hence it’s the duty of organizations to keep employees motivated it is beneficial for productivity of the company only.

There are several ways by which you can keep your employees motivated in Covid during work from home.

Take care of Communication

Work from home

During these time we all are connected more virtually, we conduct meetings through apps or give presentation, so during such situations take care that there may not be any miscommunications, it may be possible that sometimes many employees can’t attend any important meeting or any activity due to some problems. So, at that time it is the duty of Employers to communicate any essential points or policies through messages or emails. Just never let the situation arise of any miscommunications.

Resolve the queries properly

Work from home

It is definitely possible during work from home that employees face technical issues or have many doubts and queries which needs to be solved with clarity and appropriately. If possible organize sessions for resolving doubts, clear everything, explain to them properly by giving sequential steps.

Don’t make workforce feel this way that they always have confusions and doubts, listen to them carefully as they are devoting more time while working in home, so it’s the responsibility to make the employees feel comfortable in asking their doubts and queries.

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Remain away from biasedness

It is the tendency of humans that we show favouritism to some people as we are impressed by them. It happens in organizations too. Superiors become biased towards some people while some employees feel ignored. Even it is seen that sometimes seniors intentionally ignore some employees, don’t pay attention  even if  they do excellent work and only give appreciations and compliments to some employees only while disregard work of other employees.

This all might create difficulties and situations of cold wars and employees feel disheartened. In this way actually those superiors are involving in unethical means and showing their cruelty and insensitivity only. Hence senior management and HR professionals should look after this and maintain the pleasant atmosphere of employees.

Keep full transparency


There should be the ambience of full transparency during covid, make employees feel secured about their work. Be open about the working of company, involve employees in decision making processes. Tell employees how important they are for the company. Always keep them informed about some new procedures and be honest about their performance.

Adopt proper performance appraisal strategies


While reviewing the performance of employees, make sure you did  with full dedication and responsibility. Give them regular feedback, and if superiors find some work which is not done the way it should be done, inform the concerned employees in a polite and nice way and explain to them how the work should be done keeping it free of errors.

Provide the employees with bonus and incentives if they do good work, adopt such appraisal strategies which is convenient for all. During Work from home this step is essential.

Build Trust

work from home

During this pandemic times it is necessary to have the trust among everyone in a company like a family. As during such circumstances many employees maybe disturbed personally due to the illness of some of their family. So, it is required that company personnel should understand each other, show compassion and empathy. In this way employees feel supported and reinforce their faith and trust more in an organization.

 Provide recognition and appreciation

work from home

Appreciation of employees for their efforts should be the top priority of any organization, they will feel exuberant this way and work with more dedication and satisfaction. Workforce will feel more valued. While working from home personal and professional life becomes somewhat combined. It leads to more pressure which results in employees’ aggression.

Thus acknowledging employees, thanking them from time to time makes them uplifted and they don’t feel alone. They will get involved in their work more. It will also boost their confidence and esteem.

Promise a trip or party after lockdown

After engaging in so much work employees feel exhausted. But if they get to know that their company will give a nice surprise like a party or a short trip after this pandemic. It will make them feel motivated and energetic again. This way employees feel that their seniors are seriously concerned for them and make them feel special.

Take care of compatibility among employees

work from home

Lastly, sometimes there may situations arise where there is a lack of consistency and balance among employees. Some employees may manipulate their co-workers or there are difference and disputes among them. It may create anxiety or stress among some workforce. It is the responsibility of seniors to look after such problem and try to know the exact reasons for their disagreement. And resolve their disputes

In fact many International organizations or many Indian organizations are now also keeping counsellors to help and counsel employees. Such measures are necessary for the well-being of not only employees but whole company. Because a company can’t run without its workforce.







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