Woo launches brand films pinpointing what women want

Woo dating apps

A dating app, Woo, for urban singles, launched its brand films that are based on women intuitiveness. The company in a press statement said, In present time with rapid moving speed, women are much more educated, outgoing and confident, and so as their needs have evolved.

Woo understands what they look like a safe way to discover new people with ease, based on data collected from a survey of 1,000 women in stage I and II cities across India.

Woo has arrived with two important features – Woo Hide and Woo Phone, that authorize the women and make sure their privacy is always taken as the priority and with these features the brand authorizes the posting – a dating app that women love.

Woo phone, a new feature of Woo is a remarkable endeavor to pursue that trend. This feature enables women to call their matching profiles from within the app without revealing their phone numbers. Unique calling facility is especially and exclusively available to women on Woo.

Woo adopts a design-thinking approach to existing problems that users face on the dating app, such as users being forced to ‘like’ or ‘dislike’ every profile or the problem of conversations fizzling out as in to lose excitement.

Its feature “Woo Hide” allows women to browse profiles in ‘Incognito’ mode. They can see men, but only the men prefer and will be able to see them back.

Sumesh Menon CEO and Co-founder of WOO said, “Woo acknowledges the ‘gut feeling’ every woman has and fully supports that instinctive belief, ‘you know when it’s right.’ The two short videos neatly deliver the message that women always make smart, confident choices, by choosing the ‘right guy’ themselves, facilitated with Woo’s safety features, Woo Hide and Woo Calling.

The films have been produced by J.A Productions. (This story is provided by NewsVoir).