What????? Wittyfeed Instagram and Facebook Page Got Hacked!!!


Wittyfeed is known as India’s highest ranking entertainment and viral news website that has been entertaining its audience from past 5 years is taking rounds on the internet with its shocking news.

You will be shocked to know that the website Instagram and Facebook page has been recently hacked.

You have to watch it to believe it:

This news would surely disturb all the 4.2 million followers who were following the page blindly and start their day a WittyFeed notification on their cell phones.

Right now, if you click on Wittyfeed’s Instagram and Facebook pages you will find an Unknown profile. Also, all the images and profile of the website are blocked.


So, the question arises is it a prank? Or any technical issue from the company side. We are still in Dilemma that what actually has happened.