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Why our India is known as incredible India


Our India is very beautiful and incredible because they have too much diversity. The peoples of India are unique and serve humankind. The land of our country is so beautiful it looks like a heaven. From the Indian Ocean to Himalayan, Thar desert to mountains of Sikkim. The country contains all the beautiful sights and the corner. India is especially known for its diversity. Diversity in food, diversity in language, diversity in occasions, diversity in lifestyle, diversity in regions, diversity in state and diversity in every culture. The peoples of the India represent itself in the whole world.

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The people of the foreign and of another country visit to India. India is the democratic country; their peoples choose their leaders according to their needs. The peoples of the India are an independent and self-dependent. India is that country; their peoples change themselves according to the different locations. Every region and every state have their heritage and beauty. Every state has their religious story as well as a nation. If you will talk about the field in the science and literature, then India provides an intelligence scientists and great persons like Jagdish Chandra Bose, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalama.  Such great names make me proud on my country.



The India country has fulfilled with the fields of the crops. If you talk about the rivers of the incredible India, then the river is known as God in our India. The names of the river included Yamuna, Ganges, Godavari, etc. The Ganges is the most sacred river which is worshiped by the people of the India.  We have a fun and frolic cultures which are running from centuries. We speak in different languages in every region or state. Despite different religions, lifestyle, and food the people of our India lives together happily. India has an abundance of the languages and literature.



There are so many dances happens in India such as tribal dances, folk dances, etc. every year numerable tourists visit India to see their heritage and historical places including the Taj Mahal, the Fatehpur Sikri, the Red Fort and many more wonderful places.  After seeing these all wonderful places, the curiosity will be developed in the human to know more about the India places.  The India represents itself as the Brotherhood country. The Hindi language has been spoken in India, but it doesn’t mean another language has been not spoken in India.  Do you know what the slogan of India is? The slogan of India is “unity in diversity.” That’s why India is incredible.

Different regions:


India is an incredible country for those who believe in it.  Some peoples don’t care about the country heritage; they should have to understand this all things.  India is the rich and wealthy nation and has their personality. The northern region of the India is famous for the Himalayan and Kashmir.  The east area of our country consisted from Odisha, Bihar and Andaman and the Nicobar Islands.   The western region is famous for its culture; the Rajasthan is one of the unique areas of this region.  The southern region is famous for their foods, and the peoples of there do believe in God too much.

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