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Why people keep proposing Google Assistant for marriage? Google India asks users

In search of an eligible partner for marriage? get into the queue because it seems that Google assistant is currently the most sought after life partner. Sound wired but yes, it’s the truth!

The season of weddings has struck and while some are lucky enough to tie the knot with their future partners, others are getting the pressure of getting married.

Tired of looking for a potential partner in the real world, people are now offering Google Assistant to marry them?

Are you thinking about the reason behind the trend? Well, Google India took to its Twitter handle that why people are asking Google Assistant to marry them.

The tweet reads, “We really want to know why you keep asking the Google Assistant to marry you.”

In response to Google’s question, hilarious reactions burst out in the comment section. A user, apologizing on the behalf of all “single guys” out there, replied: “I am really sorry that you guys have to deal with single guys like us”.
Another user in response to Google’s question Tweeted: “Because it can’t friendzone me”.

Another user replied, “Because she will talk only when I talk.”
A little bit emotional user in reply to the question said that this is because people are alone. “Cuz we are lonely, and we can not talk to a real person, plus assistant easily put u down, while a real person hurts your soul,” the user wrote.

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Advising some names for possible marriage guest list, another user wrote: “You should invite Siri and Cortana to the wedding”

being happily married, Deepika Padukone and Priyanka Chopra, Google Assistant seems to be the next most popular potential spouse in the city.

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