Why Is The Chinese Cupping Therapy Becoming So Popular? KNOW

Cupping Therapy is an ancient Chinese therapy in which special cups are used to create negative suction and massage movements. This therapy is as old as 1550 BC which is why it must have been used by the ancient Egyptians as well. It helps in relieving the pain, inflammation, by improving the blood flow. The information about this therapy was share in the ancient medical book Ebers Papyrus.

How Is Cupping Therapy Performed?

Cupping Therapy

Cupping therapy is being widely performed by many doctors today but it is not a new thing. This primitive technique is done by using cups by applying suction to them. The intensity of the suction may vary from light to heavy.

Some inflammable substances like alcohol, herbs, or a paper are set on fire and as the fire goes out the cup is set on the part where the therapy is needed. As the air inside the cup cools it creates a vacuum. This results in the rising and reddening of the blood vessels as they expand.

The cups are then removed and a small scalpel is used to make tiny cuts on the skin. This therapy helps in hydrating the underlying tissues improving blood flow and draining excess fluids.

How Is Cupping Therapy Effective?

Many practitioners use cupping therapy to soften the tightened muscles, lifts connective tissue by creating suction and negative pressure using the cups.

Benefits Of Cupping Therapy

1. Pain Relief

Cupping therapy helps in relieving the prolonged pain in muscles.

2. Detoxifying The Body

Cupping therapy improves blood circulation and removes toxins from the body. As a result, it gives a healthy, clear, and glowy skin. This result is visible after 3-5 treatments.

3. Improving Digestion

The therapy has proven effective in improving the metabolism of the body. It has helped in irradicating problems such as constipation and loss of appetite.

Common Questions Asked About Cupping Therapy

  1. Is It Normal To Have Bruises During Cupping Therapy?

Getting red patches and bruises while taking cupping therapy is extremely normal. In fact, this is proof that the therapy has conducted very well taking out toxins from the body.

2. How Long Do The Marks Last?

The marks can last up to a few hours to two weeks depending upon the intensity of the therapy taken.

3. How Long Are The Cups Applied

The cups can be applied for three to fifteen minutes depending upon the requirement.

4. Is Cupping Therapy Painful?

It might be painful for some but it helps in relieving the pain and extracting toxins from the body to a great extent.

5. Is The Cupping Massage Just For Athletes?

Muscle spasms are very common in athletes so this therapy is very effective for them. However, it is not just for them. Anyone who is in pain and wants to get cupping therapy done can get it with the doctor’s consultation.

If the therapy helps in relieving the pain and you do not experience any kind of side effects after getting it done then this is an effective therapy that you can use to resolve multiple health issues.

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