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Why Is Mumbai’s ‘Lalbaugcha Raja’ So Famous? Facts And History Behind It


In India, the culture of worshipping the idols have been very old and trusted. People travel miles to visit particular temples and idols to fulfil their desires and wishes. It is believed that few temples have supernatural powers that can make your wishes come true.

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India is a land of traditions and religions. There are many festivals that are celebrated all over with grandeur. One festival is Ganesh Chaturthi which follows by the welcoming of Lord Ganesh (Elephant Headed) God. The festival is celebrated by many Indians but in Maharashtra, the view is worth watching.

One of the famous idols in India, Lalbaighcha Raja is an idol which is of utmost importance. People of Maharashtra founded it in 1934 and it belongs to Lalbaugcha Raja Sarvajanik Ganeshotsav Mandal.

The idol derives its name from Lalbaugcha Market, Mumbai, India in which it is constructed every year.

Lalbaugcha raja
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History Behind LalbaughCha Raja


Lalbaugcha raja
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The history of Lalbaughcha raja has been very famous and is believed that everyone’s wishes are fulfilled here. The story behind it was in 1932 the market was closed. The vendors decided to make it into a place of Lord Ganesh. It was their belief and offerings that made the market develop all over again.

After their wishes got fulfilled they established an idol of Lord Ganesha. Since then millions of people have been visiting this place during Ganesh Chaturthi to seek blessings from Ganpati Bappa.

During The Time Of Independence

During the time of Independence people used together here in an event Sarvajanik Ganeshotsava. It was at tghis place where people were gathered and made aware to fight for freedom.

Lokmanya Tilak formed the Mandal and named it Sarvajanik Ganeshotsava.

Lalbaugcha raja
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Bollywood celebrities go to seek blessings from Lord Ganesha for their upcoming films. It also gets a huge amount of media coverage.

Lalbaugcha raja
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Every year the Mandal is decorated with different themes and decorations. The visarjan time gives a view to watch as thousands of people gather to send off the idol of Bappa promising on the note of coming back next year.