Why Does Kim Jong Un Bring His Own Toilet Wherever He Goes?

North Korean ruler Kim Jong Un is travelling around the world for attending meetings and summits. But he did not travel alone. He travels with his full personnel facilities like food, a bulletproof limousine and a portable toilet.

Yes, you read it right. Kim Jong Un brings his personnel portable toilet with him wherever he goes. But why did he do that? Is he afraid of something? Find all of your answers down here.

Why Does Kim Jong Bring His Personal Toilet Everywhere?

Kim Jong
via: Lowy Insititute

Kim does not trust any country except China. According to his theory, faeces can convey information about a person’s health. So he cannot afford his faeces to be left behind and fall into wrong hands. A portable toilet prevents his fear of revealing his health problems.

The North Korean dictator has these toilet facilities in all of his vehicles. He always avoids using regular toilets. And when Kim Jong travels abroad, he brings his portable toilet with him. These initiatives guard his faeces from the world.

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What Information Can Be Revealed From His Faeces?

Kim Jong
via: Financial Times

Kim’s faeces can disclose a lot of information about his health problems. As a leader of a country, he cannot risk this at any cost. A serious health problem can harm his national and worldwide profile.

The health problems of the leaders lead to various types of rumours and raise doubts about his ability. People of the nation and other countries can see him as a weak man whereas Kim Jong wants to show himself as a powerful figure.

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