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Which Bollywood Character Are You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

We are all obsessed with Bollywood. More than the movies we relate ourselves to the characters. The similarity between you and the character is what makes you fall for that movie. Bollywood has different character some might be bold some might be soft. Do you watch a movie and tag it your ‘favourite’ just because of the relatability.

Let’s See Which Character Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign

1. Aries

Character: Humpty Sharma, Film: Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania

Humpty Sharma
Via: IMDb

The male lead of the movie, Humpty Sharma is blessed with good friends. The character is goofy and fun with friends. He might seem all cool kind of a guy but when he meets the love of his we see a sensitive part of him. Arians are similar to Humpty’s character, they are lively and usually hide their sensitive part. They are fun to be with and will fill your life with happiness.

2. Taurus

Character: Kavya Sharma, Film: Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania

Via: Ace Showbiz

Like the character of Kavya is very courageous, bold and headstrong, she is also very stubborn. Taurians are fickle-minded, once they decide to get something, they will leave no stone unturned. Kavya is fiery at times but she is also a funny girl to hang out with.

3. Gemini

Character: Varun Shrivastava, Film: Lootera

Ranveer Singh
Via: hd wallpapers

Gemini is one of the best communicators. They can express their views and adaptable to situations. Also, they can turn any boring situation to the fun. The character was played by Ranveer Singh who has a charming personality in real life as well. How Ranveer has made everybody fall for him is the best example of a Gemini character.

4. Cancer

Character: Kashibai, Film: Bajirao Mastani

Via: Twitter

Cancerians are very sentimental when their family is concerned. Kashibai is a similar character to Cancerians because despite the hurt and betrayal she got from her husband she stood for him.

5. Leo

Character: Shruti Kakkar, Film: Band Baja Baarat

Anushka Sharma
Via: India Today

Leo people are very ambitious and goal-oriented people. They always come with a winning attitude. They are optimistic just like Shruti’s character was. She had many hurdles but she always had a backup plan that would work wonders for her.

6. Virgo

Character: Aditya Kashyap, Film: Jab We Met

Shahid Kapoor
Via: Awaaz Nation

Virgo is reserved when it comes to love. But once they find their true love, they are the happiest person. We saw how positively Aditya’s life changed after Geet came nto his life. They resist from the love thinking they might get hurt, but love finds its way.

7. Libra

Character: Pooja(Pooh), Film: Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gam

DNA India

Librans resemble a lot to Poo’s character. She is full of style and class in the film. She has her own attitude and we love her for that. They have a sassy personality but are a bit superficial and self-indulgent. They seem to care less and live in their own bubble world.

8. Scorpio

Character: Kaira, Film: Dear Zindagi

Alia Bhatt
Via: Vogue.

Kaira is an extremely emotional character but tries to hide them. Scorpions are emotional but avoid expressing their feeling in front of everyone. They need someone to guide them to let all the emotional troubles they are going through. Kaira is a self-dependent character which most Scorpions are. They work hard and believe in it.

9. Saggitarius

Character: Gautam Kapoor, Film: Cocktail

Via: UpperStall

Saggitarius are adventurous souls with sarcasm and humour in their personality. Unlike the character sagitatrian always look forward to finding something new. When are in love they passionately love their partner and fill them with affection.

10. Capricorn

Character: Naina Talwar, Film: Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani

Via: The Quint

Naina Talwar was a bit nerdy but definitely fun to be with when opens up. Capricorn are very practical and ambitious by nature. They do not like to display their emotions rather keep it upto themselves. Naina who was in love with Kabir still waited for a long time to be together is what defines her practicality.

11. Aquarius

Character: Liala, Film: Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara


The character of Laila is imaginative and dreamy. She likes travel and even takes Arjun(Hrithik Roshan) along with him. The one thing that is very peculiar about them is that they remain detached. Things do not easily affect them due to this personality trait.

12. Pisces

Character: Siddharth Mehr, Film: Wake Up Sid!

Wake up Sid
Via: Pinterest

Pisces are imaginative and creative creatures. They might sometimes be ignorant about the reality just like Sid’s character. But once they start working the output is amazing. They might sometimes lack seriousness but are talented once they work for their passion.

Hope you found the maximum resemblance with these characters.


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