Whatsapp will stop working on these smartphones after 31 December

OS, Blackberry, Windows Phone 8.0, and Blackberry 10

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Coming 2018, WhatsApp will end support for some window phone devices and Blackberry, the company said in a blog. Starting January 1, 2018, the Facebook-owned social app will end to function on OS, Blackberry, Windows Phone 8.0, and Blackberry 10


This is made clear by whatsapp that it will not support these platforms from next year, some features of it may stop working at any time.

The company said “These platforms unable to provide the type of capabilities that we need to spread our app’s features in the future time.

These devices will not be supported anymore

If someone use one of these mobile devices, then we highly recommend upgrading to newer OS version lor iphone running iOS 7+, Android running OS 4.0+, or windows Phone 8.1+ so that users can continue using whatsapp”


Nokia S40 upadate

However the company confirmed that it will begin the work on Nokia S40 until December 31, while we support Android 2.3.7 as well as older until February 1,2020.

Once you got one of these mobile devices, simply install whatsapp on your phone,then verify your number on your new device. But remember that Whatsapp app will be only activated with one number on one device’ Company added saying.


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Right now, there is no option or way to transfer chat history between any platforms which means when you upgrade your platform you may lost all your chat history. But Whatsapp offer the option to share chat history via email.

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