WhatsApp iOS V2.17.81 update – Watch youtube videos while chatting on FB or Whatsapp

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A new update has been released for the Apple iPhone (ios) from Whatsapp. In this, you will also be able to watch YouTube videos directly on the What’s app. At the same time, users will be able to chat while watching videos. Apart from this, another update has also been given that you no longer need to hold the button to send voice messages to the WhatsApp app. However, this update (iOS V2.17.81) from Whatsapp has just been given for the iPhone’s iPhone only. Updates are made by tweeting on behalf of.

Chat while watching videos

First when you got a link to a YouTube video on the WhatsApp app. Then, as soon as you click on it, the video was opened on the smartphone o the youtube app. But now after the new updates, it will not happen. Because now you can play the video directly on the Whatsapp app. Because it supports ‘Picture in Picture’ (PiP). In such a way, now you can chat while watching videos.

Sending long voice messages is easy now

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In order to send a voice message on the Whatsapp, Mike’s icon had to be kept. The longer the hold was, the longer the message was recorded. But now with new updates, long voice messages will also be recorded. Now only the swipe for longer voice messages. In such a case the recording will continue even after removing the finger.

Whatsapp is also working on making updates

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Apart from this, the Whatsapp is also working on a new feature.With this, you will be able to shift to video calls quickly with voice calls. However, if the recipient does not want to come to the video call then it…

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