What’s Section 497 of the IPC? why the demand for bringing women into the attention of this law

    Section 497 IPC

    New Delhi: Nowadays, Section 497 of the IPC continues to be in the discussion. A petition has been filed against this section. Under this section, There’s a provision of punishment for male conviction (opinion) in the case of an adult case but there is no provision to punish women. In this notice, a petition has been filed and the demand has been changed.

    Supreme Court
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    Filing an affidavit in the Supreme Court, the Union Home Ministry has spoken that the provision of penalties for Section 497 (fornication) is correct and also said that by weakening or diminishing the provision, it will result in affecting the purity of the marriage bond. It’s been said that by canceling Section 497 of the Indian Penal code and Section 198 (2) of the CRPC would be disadvantageous or hurtful to Indian character and values. Before knowing whether there is adultery or not, know about the person who filed this petition in court.

    Who filed a petition

    IPC section 497
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    Joseph Shin, a resident of Kerala, filed a petition in the court against the Section 497 of the IPC and now made a request for the cancellation. Apart from this, in the petition, this provision has been explained as discriminatory and gender discrimination. It has been said in the petition that under section 497, there has been an extramarital affair in the category of crime, but crime is limited to only men. In this case, the wife is not considered criminal.

    What is Section 497

    Extramarital affair
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    Under section 497 of IPC, if a married man makes a relationship with a married woman, then, in this case, husband’s husband can file a case against this man in the name of an adult, but he has no action against his wife. does not make.

    In addition, the man’s wife, in this case, can’t even go for filing a case against the woman. It also supports that only the husband of his partner woman can take action against the man involved in extramarital affairs and register a complaint.

    How much punishment is the provision of a man

    Section 497
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    If a person is found guilty of against the law connection, then the maximum penalty is five years. Complaints in these types of cases can not be found in any police station but in front of the magistrate with the condition, all the evidence should be presented. After all the evidences are submitted o the respective authority, legal call or warrant will be sent to the concerned person.