What Lord Sri Krishna must have told Duryodhana to do?


    The least known facts about Bhagwat Geeta which a person should know, same as Lord Krishna has told Arjuna, Duryodhana.

    1) Sri Krishna tried his best in narrating Bhagwat Geeta to Duryodhana. Definitely, if Duryodhan would have been educated, then the entire epic war would have been ruled out.

    But, Duryodhan told that Krishna that he knows what to do, what not to do and what is good, what is wrong.

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    2) The narration of Bhagwat Geeta by Krishna was heard first not only by Arjuna but by Hanuman, Sanjaya, Barbarik. Hanuman was settled on the top of Arjuna chariot which was controlled by Lord Krishna in the battle of Kurukshetra, while Sanjay was blessed by Rishi Ved Vyasa with the sacred vision as he narrates the story of the battle to Dhritharashtra- Duryodhan’s father.

    And after a special request of Barbarik from Krishna who was the son of Ghatotkach, he has the opportunity to see the battle from the top of a hill with his shredded neck.

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    3) The body is temporary- and our soul is permanent. Lord Krishna compares the human body to a piece of cloth in Bhagwat Geeta.

    A person should be identified by his ultimate soul, not with his body. One should not weep or cry on growing older or having a disease which is not curable.

    As old clothes are replaced by the new ones, same as that the old body is taken over by the new ones, as the soul of a person is acquired by a new body.

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    4) Anger is the reason behind misconception, so try to be calm: It is due to anger only, the person is mistaken, as soon as the illusion takes over, his mind loses the control over discrimination.

    Consequently, the analysis capability of a person fades away. A person seems to be in distorted condition if he can’t justify the reason.

    Thus anger is the elementary cause of all types of failures in a person’s life.

    It is known to be one of the three main gates of hell, followed by other two- greed and lust.

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    5)  Be cool in everything- Avoid the extremes in Life: Lord Krishna in Bhagwat Ji says that a person has to fail in meditation if he doesn’t have a balance in his daily routine.

    For example- Eating in bulk or less is not giving you a ticket to meet God.

    Meditation can help a person that will overcome all the sorrows of his life but on a condition, he must eat and sleep well.

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    6) Due to selfish attitude, intelligence becomes unattainable: open up yourself: just as a mirror which is surrounded by dust and which does not reflect the images of objects, wisdom, which is blocked by your selfishness.


    A person cannot attain the image of truth as he is busy in solving the relationship problems in his regular lifestyle because of his nature.

    It is absolutely compulsory to give up personal agendas to come out through the doubts and disappointments, whether a person wants to gain wealth, succeed in his profession or want to have divine intelligence.

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    7) The highest being is always with you only- The acceptance of this truth can change a life of a person.

    It is the foremost being which is in every Living Being.

    When you burden all your worries and tension, negative emotions to the almighty, you surrender yourself to him.

    Since a human act as a puppet in the hands of God, regretting the past or thinking of future and getting worried about it is a pointless thing to talk.  For the harmony of mind and soul, the key is almighty.

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    8) Overcome your desires- Experience the stability of mind:  All the thoughts, emotions, feelings and eagerness germinate in your mind only.

    By stabilizing your mind only, you can look deep inside the real you.

    The endless desires which a person has can only be free if his mind is balanced.

    Still mind open gates to good judgment, peace, and calmness for every individual.

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    9) Do not Doubt: Doubting yourself or an absolute truth is the main reason behind most people on the Earth are joyless.

    According to Bhagwat Geeta, a doubtful person cannot be happy in this world.

    Also, a doubtful man cannot be at peace in this world or the next.

    It is important to know that this should not be confused with the curiosity which is a must for a person to find himself.

    However, the habit of not believing in a philosophical aspect, belief, or the truth by a man is not at all the thing which is fruitful.

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    10)  Not to fear: Death is the greatest fear of humans.


    Lord Krishna tells his friends and his admirer Arjuna not to fear death at all. It is the ultimate truth.

    Relationships, wealth are the parts of temporary things that are equipped to step on a ladder and realize the self.

    Very hard to guess the beauty of life if there hasn’t been any fear.

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