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What Kind Of A Boyfriend You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign

A relationship can be the one thing in your life that can make you the happiest person on earth or the saddest one. Everything depends on the type of personality you are dating. The compatibility and many other factors contribute to your relationship.

You cannot know a person until you start being with them but knowing some of their traits is never a bad option. Understanding your boyfriends is also an art which you need to master upon. Not Kidding!

Your zodiac sign can tell a lot about the type of person you are. Here are some factual judgements made on the type of boyfriend you are based on your Zodiac Sign.

Let Us See What The Stars Have To Say

1. Aries

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Aries are the ones who know their worth too in the relationship. They are masculine, strong and adventurous beings. They prefer honesty over everything and sometimes they might call you “Fat” if ask them for their opinion. They can be impatient and easily bored sometimes as they like to try new things. They have a lifestyle which is pretty much appealing. They are highly ambitious and want to get certain things in life. Aries is such a personality that adds more to your life.

2. Taurus

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Taurus is most down to earth boyfriend materials as their sun sign has earth which justifies this. They are loyal, understanding and patient ones. With some advantages come the drawbacks too, they are stubborn people. Taureans like to do certain things their way and can’t compromise on that. It is not easy to make them realize their mistakes, so if your boyfriend says “sorry” just take it.

3. Gemini

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If you love surprises in your relatinship then you must find a Gemini guy. They know how to do unexpected stuff that can make you happy. They can also adapt to changes very well and won’t complain about the sudden change in your plan. They don’t like to follow the routine and so change is what they follow.

4. Cancer

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Cancerians are the most emotional type of boyfriends. They like to express their emotions good or bad and might not even hesitate to cry in front of you. They are dedicated and reliable men who are concerned about you. They would like to spend their weekend with their girlfriend rather than chilling out with their boys’ squad.

5. Leo

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Leos are goal-oriented and extremely confident people. They like to chase their dreams and would go to follow them on any level. They don’t like any hinderances and if you are the one they might leave you as well. Leos are the head-turning personalities in your group. They get all the attention and seem to like it also. If you are dating a Leo, be ready to give all the “bhav” he needs.

6. Virgo

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Virgos are hardworking and dedicated personalities in everything. They like to get appreciation and support from their partner and you have to be there for them. They live their life in blacks and whites. They are straight forward in everything. You can expect honest reviews from them and they won’t misguide you. One set back can be that they are the ones with a very sharp memory. They remember the time you flirted with someone or the time you fought with them. This is one minus in their zodiac sign.

7. Libra

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Librans are the social and lively people to be with. They are usually the ones who take the back seat and are equal-tempered most of the time. They won’t be the ones starting an argument. If you like romantic dinners and cuddles while you fall asleep then date a Libra boy. They make any occasion a fun place, but can also be flirtatious at the same time.

8. Scorpio

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Scorpio boyfriend can make your relationship very intense due to their personalities. They believe in knowing in and out about you which makes their nature being questionable to each and everything.

If you are not ready to answer everything then this might not be the right choice for you. They have the strong intuition power and so you can’t lie and slide down. They also have the trait of being revengeful, so make your decision wisely. Chances might be that your Scorpion boyfriend returns to even out things with you.

9. Sagittarius

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Sagittarius boyfriend will fill your life with positivity. They take mature decisions and are good at handling serious stuff. One thing they are particular about is that the lookout for a future in the relationship they are involved in. If they don’t see anything going anywhere they are honest about it. Chances are that they might call it off and make you understand why.

10. Capricorn

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Boyfriends with this zodiac sign are the patient partners on this planet. They are stable and have a positive attitude and mood. They are also highly ambitious and patient partners to be with. Capricorns are picky when they decide to date someone, so if you are the one, feels lucky. They might be stubborn sometimes but that’s okay after seeing so much maturity little stubbornness can be ignored.

11. Aquarius

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An Aquarius man can trick you with his communication skills as they are really good at it. They are also extremely sociable and caring boyfriends one can ever have. The only disappointment is that they can be inconstant with relationships. They have fluctuating personalities when on one day they are at their best the other day not. If you are ready to go through that rollercoaster, the choice is yours.

12. Pisces

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Pisces are passionate and loyal boyfriends who seek to be in a relationship. They are real, simple and like genuine things. They would appreciate a small gesture of love rather than a fancy gift. They are the ones who compare things are can be sometimes unhappy with what they have.

Did you find any relatable traits, boys? Girls, now you know which zodiac sign to date!

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