What Is The Salary Of PMO Employees And Annual Budget Allocation 2021?

Though the Prime Minister is the key member of the Government, the Principal Secretary of the Prime Minister Office and other employees of staff also hold immense importance in shaping the nation. One can call it –the backbone. But do you know under which department PMO works, the number of people working under it, and sections? What is the PMO budget allocation for 2021, the salary of employees, and other details?

The Government of India has answered all these questions in a recent RTI filed by popular news agency India Today. Read further to know the response.

Know The PMO Budget Allocation 2021, No. Of Employees, And More

How Many Employees Work In PMO?

pmo budget allocation

Currently, the Prime Minister Office or Pradhan Mantri Karyalaya has a total strength of 301 employees. Principal Secretary is the head of the staff who is usually an IAS officer ranked higher in terms of seniority.

At present, Pramod Kumar Mishra from the 1972 IAS Batch of Gujarat Cadre is the head of the office. Few more members are selected from the Indian Civil Services who hold a crucial position and have a vital role in guiding and providing assistance to the Prime Minister.

These officers get designated posts such as:

  1. National Security Advisor
  2. Additional Principal Secretary
  3. Secretary
  4. Additional Secretary
  5. Joint Secretary
  6. Director
  7. Information Officer
  8. Public Relation Officer
  9. Deputy Secretary
  10. Joint Director

Private secretary, section officers, assistant section officers, executives, and many more are the posts at which employees are recruited by the President.

What Is The Salary Of PMO Employees?

salary of pmo employees

All the employees of PMO are paid as per the Level according to the designation. The highest pay scale is Level 18 with basic pay of more than 1.50 Lakh excluding other allowances.

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What Is The Salary Of The Prime Minister?

The Prime Minister receives a salary as a Member of Parliament of the house in addition to the salary fixed for his post.

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The basic salary of a Prime Minister is above Rs 2.50 Lakh excluding the allowances and salary received as a Member of Parliament.

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How Many Sub-Sections And Departments Work Under PMO?

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The Prime Minister Office does not have any separate section. It is considered as one department as ‘Dept. of Government of India’ and is formed by the President of the country. However, the PM works as the main advisor in selecting the members of the office.

Article 77 of the Constitution gives this status to the PMO under the rule of the first schedule i.e. The Allocation of Business Rules 1961.

What Is The PMO Budget Allocation 2021?

PMO receives a fixed amount of yearly expenditure mentioned under the annual budget set by the Ministry Of Home Affairs. PMO Budget allocation for 2021 as per the MHA is Rs 58 Crore.

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