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What Is Lizard Pose And What Does It Do?

Lizard Pose is a good asana to improve your hips flexibility. Besides this, it also stretches your hamstrings and quadriceps. As a result, pain and tension in these areas are alleviated. Also, it improves your balance so that you can move in a full range of motion.

Lizard pose or Utthan Pristhasana also has some mental benefits. It reduces stress, release emotions, improves focus, and boost energy. Usually, athletes are recommended to perform this pose so as to tone their muscles.

Since it is good for your lower abdomen and pelvis thus those with reproductive issues can also get the benefits. So, how to begin? The step by step instructions is here.

Lizard Pose- Step-By-Step Guide

lizard pose

Step1- Initially make a downward-facing dog and inhale

Step2- Take your right foot outside to the right hand and exhale. Your toes should be in line with fingers of the right hand. Knees bent and toes outward, this should be your position.

Step3- Put your elbows on the floor while inhaling and spreads the palms.

Step4- Do not keep your head down or stretch it too much, keep it in a neutral position.

Step5- ensure that your hips are not saggy and exhale. Take 5 deep full breaths.

Step6- Exhale and release the position. Keep your arms straights and come back in downward facing dog and then inhale.

Step7-  Wait for a few seconds and repeat from the first step. Now, this time bring your left leg forward.

These steps seem easy but while doing lizard pose, you might make some common mistakes. Maybe you hold your breath for longer or force your body beyond its limits. Listen to your body and yoga instructor to avoid these mistakes.

With consistent practice, you can improve the flexibility of the hips and get all the benefits. Stay controlled or else you would get an injury.

Safety And Precautions With Lizard Pose

It is a more advanced form of yoga so you have to consult with your instructor and doctor if you have health issues. Usually, those with sciatica issues should not do it.

Moreover, if you have weakness in shoulders, wrists, hands, or forearms then skip the pose. Anyone recovering from surgeries of hips, knees, hands, arms, or neck, should completely avoid it.

Lizard pose is an advanced yoga that stretches your hip and makes you more flexible. But perform it with some cautions to avoid injuries.

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