Know The Best Way To Introduce Your Pet To A New Born

A common misconception among new parents is that they cannot have a dog at home. But if you know how to introduce the pet to a baby, then you don’t have to make this toughest decision of your life. 

Pets are, no doubt, the cutest members of our family that love and support us unconditionally. Moreover, they are humble creatures who will never hurt you intentionally. So, if a new baby is about to join your family, then your dog will welcome him, but you have to train them. 

Properly introduce a pet to a baby with these tips to ensure that both the members live happily and healthily. 

Changes To Bring In Your Dog’s Life

1. Change Their Routine


Undoubtedly, your and everyone else’s routine is going to change with the arrival of this new member. But don’t exclude your dog’s routine because this change will come to their life as well. Therefore, it is better that you changed their routine a few months ago. 

The most significant change will be in the time you spend with your pet. Sudden change in this time will make them feel bad, and they can even get sick. So, start reducing this time gradually to make them used to it.

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2. Change In Dog’s Exercise


Surely, you and other members of your family can change their exercise routine, but don’t expect this change from your pet. Therefore, it is good that you either get a pet that needs less training or change this routine long ago before the baby’s arrival. 

And if you don’t, then you will get exhausted by managing both your dog and baby. This will make you sick, and you won’t be able to take good care of these two members. 

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3. Make Rules


You will see no sign dog is jealous of the baby until you bring your baby to your bedroom, which is your dog’s favorite place. If you suddenly stop him stepping into your bedroom, then they will act strangely, like scratching the gate. And their actions might hurt your baby. 

So, use a baby gate in your bedroom and teach about them as well. Please make a separate nursery for your dog and establish some rules for them.

4. Don’t Scold Them


Of course, you don’t want the dog to come near to your baby or touch their stuff, but scolding them for touching is not right. Many parents usually make this mistake, which makes their pet jealous of the baby. As a result, you will start noticing pushy behavior, growling, hissing, or any other change. These are some of the common signs a dog jealous of the baby. 

What to do? Keep baby’s toy separately so that your pet doesn’t touch them even if they do then replace it instead of scolding it. Don’t let your behavior develop negativity in your pet’s mind. 

Besides these, you would have to make a few more changes like sleeping arrangements, making them familiar to the baby’s sound and scent. These two are the innocent but lovable members of your family. So, making a few changes beforehand ensures that both of them don’t struggle to adjust when you introduce a pet to the baby. 

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