Weird And Unique Jobs In The World That Exist!

Some of us are born to do something different and are not made for the old boring conventional jobs. Are you bored with your routine 9-5 job?

Do you want to try something new or a side job that is different and unique?

If yes, then you will be glad to know that there are jobs that are fun, easy, weird and unique that exist!

Here is the list of some unique, interesting and unusual Jobs that exist!

1. Bed Rest Participant

Weird Jobs
Via: NASA Lying in Bed for the Sake of Science | NASA

Do you love your bed and hate leaving it in the morning when you have to go for work? If yes, then I know what your dream job looks like. NASA and ESA are doing a joint study to test the effects of artificial gravity on astronauts and to know about the effects of weightlessness and they are going to pay you $19,000 for laying in bed for 89 days while they record the observations. Plus, you can play games, read books or watch TV. They even allow visitors!

Who said dreams can’t pay your bills?

2. Rental Boyfriend

Weird Jobs
Via: Panda Gossips Did You Know That You Can Hire A Rental Boyfriend?

If you are single and don’t have a girlfriend, you are lucky because now you can be a boyfriend and earn money at the same time! Rental boyfriends are very popular in Japan and earn quite a lot from the agencies. All they have to do is to go through a series of tests and be approved by the agency. They can go out on dates, hold hands and have meaningful conversations with their clients. So all the single guys out there, want to have a great time along with making a great amount of money?

3. Netflix Tagger

Weird Jobs
Via: BuzzMixer Top 8 Weirdest Jobs in the World

If you love Netflix and chill then be a Netflix tagger. All you have to do is binge watch Netflix shows, specials, and movies and tag each one with relevant data. These tags are used to categorize the content and helps the user search for related content. You should know how to categorize the content which looks good together! So grab your popcorn buckets and start binge-watching!

4. Fortune Cookie Writer

Weird Jobs
Via: Leading fortune cookie writer quits due to writer’s block – AOL …

Do you wait for the moment after the meal, when you get to open that fortune cookie and read those wise words? Have you ever wondered who writes them? Well, those words are written by fortune cookie writers who come up with thousand of insightful and humorous fortunes using few impactful words. This job can be done from anywhere and has flexible working hours. If you love writing and want a different job then this is perfect for you.

5. Ostrich Babysitter

Weird Jobs
Via: Deseret News

Being a babysitter of a human baby can be very hard! You’ll have to clean up, feed them, and also tolerate their crying and tantrums. But what If I tell you there is a babysitting job that involves cute ostrich babies. All you have to do is look at those cute babies, make sure they don’t escape and stop them from endlessly pecking and Harming each other. Not much of a task if you compare it to babysitting of human babies and it doesn’t even need any qualification.

So, if you love babies and ostriches what are you waiting for?

Although these jobs are different, a lot of them pay well and don’t limit you to a small cubicle.

If you want to try something different, give them a chance!

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