Once again, Bollywood king Shahrukh Khan is in a limelight because of his upcoming movie Pathaan

Before it, the actor was on a 4-year-long break. His last film was Zero in 2018. 

Recently at the Red Sea International Festival, the actor was asked about the reason behind the break. 

SRK replied, “I was on a break because of my daughter Suhana Khan.”

Four years ago, Suhana went to New York for higher education and Shahrukh was so worried about her.

So, the actor decided not to sign any film till his daughter returns home. 

As per SRK, the work can hold him and he can’t be available for Suhana at the time she needed

King Khan also confessed that he waited for Suhana’s call for a very long time. 

DDLJ star thought she can call anytime and say “Dad I am feeling lonely.” 

He also said, “I started working after Suhana’s return from New York.”