Korean  woman named Hyojeong harassed by two men in Mumbai during live streaming

The two men named Mobeen Chand and Md Naqeeb tried to molest her in Khar road Mumbai.

Mhyochi currently on a trip to India and daily streaming her journey on her Twitch channel.

This incident clip was shared by a twitter user Beaver _ R6 (Aditya).

This is disgusting and some action needs to be taken against them. This can not go unpunished

In the incident Myochi was walking on the streets, then suddenly two men on a bike approached her.

One man said “Hi… how are you.. I love you. Myochi thought it is harmless and she replied back “ Aww, you love me

But man noticed the camera and looked into it, wrapped his arm around her shoulder and tried to kiss her

Myochi said in her Instagram story that some people said that it was initiated by me because I was too friendly with them

Mumbai Police arrested Mobeen Chand and Mohammad Naqeeb for molesting Myochi and registered an FIR u/s 354 IPC