V, a member of the South Korean group BTS, celebrated his 27th birthday on December 30, 2022.

 Fans in Kolkata, India placed an LED advertisement featuring V on top of Vardaan Mall in Park Street.

 The ad was placed in the midst of Christmas decorations on the street.

  A food truck in the city is hosting a cup sleeve event featuring Korean food.

V is known for his vocal and dance skills and has contributed to BTS's success.

 He has also released solo tracks as part of BTS's discography and achieved chart success in South Korea.

  In addition to his music career, V is also known for his acting skills and has appeared in various TV dramas and films.

 He is highly popular among BTS's devoted fan base, known as the "ARMY," and is known for his charming and playful personality.

 V has a large number of fans around the world, including in India.

  His followers in Kolkata marked his birthday with the LED advertisement and food truck event.