We All Go Through These Stages When We Are Crushing On Someone!

People say their first love is often unforgettable, well I think that your first crush is unforgettable too.

We all have crushes while growing up, some on real people, others on fictional characters. Nevertheless, having a crush is a beautiful journey no matter how it ended.

Do you remember your first crush? Does that memory make you realize how stupid or naive you were? But honestly who wouldn’t love to experience that blissful feeling again, right?

Here are the Stages we go through when we are crushing on someone:

1. Love At First Sight


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I know you won’t probably call it to love now but don’t you remember when you saw them the first time and you felt butterflies in your stomach and forgot to breathe. Well yeah, that’s what it feels like just pure magic! You probably think that they are your soulmate and imagine yourself in a romantic comedy.

2. Denial, Denial And More Denial

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As the initial stage is over and you have stopped hyperventilating you think it’s just another attractive person and maybe all you felt was just an exaggeration. After all, this doesn’t mean you have a crush, right?

3. Daydreaming

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As your mind goes into denial mode, your heart dreams about your happily ever after. All you could think about is them or try to read between the lines. Every coincidence looks like a sign from heaven and you can’t stop fantasizing.

4. Serious Stalking

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Okay! It’s not stalking it’s just your overwhelming emotions trying to find everything about your crush on social media. Now, you know his/her family, have seen his adolescent pictures and probably liked a 5-year-old pic by mistake. *Regrets stalking*

5. Telling Your Friends

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Now you know that you are really into him, you tell your friends about your crush and let their judgments overflow. There is always that one friend who makes us send that very first text and even be the co-author behind your messages and boost our confidence.

6. Awkward

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Everything is awkward as you try to be casual around your crush and your friends give you sly smiles. Every time you try to talk, you jumble up the words *talking gibberish* and God! Don’t even get me started on your nervousness when he makes eye contact with you!

7. Jealous Much?

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As you get into the habit of too much observation, you start reading between the lines sometimes a little too much! Every girl he talks to looks like his girlfriend or a potential one. Was she flirting with him? Do he like someone? You keep on going on and keep getting jealous for no reason.

8. Final Confrontation

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This is the stage when you buckle up and either reveal your feelings or just realize that you are not that into him anymore.

I hope it all works out for you, but even it doesn’t, don’t forget it’s just a crush and you’ll probably laugh about it in the future.

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