Watch: Tom Holland’s Spider-Man Audition Video With Chris Evans Goes Viral

Spider-Man aka Tom Holland audition video for the role of Spider-Man has surfaced online. Tom was cast at the Marvel Superhero.

As a big Spider-man fan you must want to watch this video. The video is of 2 minutes, shows the actor performing several scenes, including a small screen test with Chris Evans aka Captain America.

Watch The Audition Tape Below:

“Any time you’re going to cast a role as big as Spider-Man, there’s a huge search involved,” Executive producer of Spider-Man Coming Home Eric Carroll can be heard saying in the video.

The two-minute video also features many other crew members, talking highly of the actor. 

Also, in a 2017 appearance on Ellen show, Tom spoke about how he came to know that he got the role.

 “I basically had been auditioning for about five months and after my final audition they said, ‘You’ll find out tomorrow.’ Fast forward six weeks I was still waiting, still waiting, then one day Marvel just posted on their Instagram, ‘Go to our website to find out who the new Spider-Man is.’ And that’s it, I just found out online! They didn’t call me up or anything,” he said

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He further said, “I ran downstairs, I was going ballistic. My poor dog Tessa was terrified. And my brother Harry, who’s pretty savvy with technology and stuff, was like, ‘Dude, they’ve probably been hacked, bro. They would call you. They would let you know.’ So I called my agents and they were like, ‘This is amazing.’ And then [Marvel Studios president] Kevin Feige finally rang me and said, ‘I’ve got some great news, you’re gonna be Spider-Man.’ And I was like, ‘I know, Kevin. You put it on Instagram.’ Like, I’m 20, do you really think I’m not going to find it?”

Tom Holland has appeared as Spider-Man in total five films, and soon going to return in a third solo Spider-Man movie as well.

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