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Washroom-On-Wheels, How A Duo In Pune Is Converting Buses Into Women’s Toilets

Public washrooms are PATHETIC and we all must have gone through this situation sometime in our life. Using public washrooms for women becomes a big deal as they are very rarely found clean. Hygiene is a big concern which needs to come in the light as it is causing many problems for our health.

People are voluntarily taking many steps to solve such issues, here is a power couple from Pune who needs an applaud too. The couple from Pune is converting buses into public washrooms which are exclusively for women.

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Washroom on wheels
Via: Pune365

Women face difficulties using public washrooms when they want to use the loo urgently, breastfeed their child or when on their period. Sometimes the common washrooms can be a big deal considering the safety factor.

Keeping all these challenges in mind, the firm in Pune has started a mobile washroom service. Any woman can use it by paying a small amount of 5-rupees. You can use them to breastfeed your child, for sanitary napkins and for washroom emergency.

Washroom on wheels
Via: NBC News

The washroom service was launched by Ulka Sadalkar and Rajeev Kher, in 2016. The duo is an entrepreneur who came up with this amazing idea.

Washroom on Wheels
Via: SCMC Blog

The project is named as ‘Ti- Toilet’ which in Marathi means ‘Her’. The pink coloured bus is a gift to every woman who struggled in public toilets.

Washroom on Wheels

The Ti Toilet is used by 200 women per day on an average. There are 12 mobile washrooms with solar panels mounted on the bus.

Washroom on Wheels
Via: Curly Tales

Ms Sadalkar said to AFP news about their idea of mobile toilets to maintain good hygiene in the city-

 “We believe women deserve access to clean and safe washrooms and it is their basic right,”

Washroom on wheels

She further added:

“We focused a lot on aesthetics in refurbishing these buses and provided clean toilets, television sets, temperature monitors with an attendant in tow.”

Washroom on Wheels
Via: Pune 365

An attendant of the bus, Manisha Jadhav shares her experience while operating the toilet

“proud working here as we are doing something for women”.

“Women bless me… as they come here from far away areas as well because there aren’t enough public washrooms around.”

PM Narendra Modi came with the “Clean India” movement under which he provided access to people to use 600 million public toilets. But the sanitation, water supply, electricity supply has been one of the major challenges.

At last Ms Adhav said:

“Finding clean and safe washrooms in public spaces is not easy during emergencies. We are trying to change that,”.

The idea is great and already helping women during emergencies. Hope more such toilets come in every city and village yo irradicate the problem of dirty public washrooms in India.
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