Warren Buffet’s Lesser Known Ventures

Warren Buffet, famously known as “Oracle of Omaha”, is known to be the best investors of all time. Buffet owns Berkshire Hathaway Inc. which has more than 60 companies running under its umbrella some of which are namely Duracell, Fruit of the Loom and the list continues. The world is aware of his huge stock investments in companies like Apple, Coca- Cola, American Express and many more but despite being an unshakeable investor, there are some of his Buffet’s ventures which have not been in  the spotlight but are owned by him. Yes! You read it right, these businesses owned by Warner Buffet are lesser known in the public but are equal in revenue generation as compared to other business firms.

Check these out and control your astonishment:-

  1. Berkshire Hathaway Energy Company:-


Everyone is a fan of the mesmerizing citylights of United States but have you ever thought how the States is able to deal with all its energy requirements and demands. Berkshire Hathaway plays a crucial and central role in energy generation for the United States.

Some of the utilities under its portfolio include NV Energy in Nevada, Northern Natural Gas and PacifiCrop.

  1. Helzberg Diamonds:-


Berkshire Hathaway’s has been an old investor in jewelry especially diamond crafted pieces. It sells unique and a vast variety of diamond and other jewelry through stores and websites.

It also owns two constituent jewelry retailers namely Borsheims and Ben Bridge Jeweler. The central objective to invest in small and high value jewelry is the tendency of people to buy it on credit thus leading to higher generation of income.

  1. International Dairy Queen:-


We all love the lip smacking taste of Oreo but no one is actually aware of the fact that each time you buy an Oreo packet; you fatten the wallet of Warren Uncle smiling from the other side. Dairy Queen’s outlets in American malls are a common place to have snacks and spend time. Undoubtedly, it is a profitable subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway but does not hold a renowned position in the global market.

  1. The Acme Brick Company:-


This subsidiary firm under Berkshire Hathaway manufactures boring but extremely useful products for the industrial use. The products include construction bricks, pave stones, and even glass bricks to  construct fancy house designs. Well, yes! Warner uncle’s company is the reason behind your home’s strength. The company is a profitable unit even in these times of modern advancements in construction because bricks are still an essential component in house construction in many parts of sub-urban America.

  1. Benjamin Moore:-


Berkshire Hathaway has captured the market through its diversified product line. Benjamin Moore is a retailer of premium paint products. Despite having numerous CEO’s in the past, the company is still breathing under the umbrella of Hathaway and is a provider of solid and steady profits.

  1. See’s Candies:-


Following his rule ”buy commodities and sell brands” Buffet bought See’s Candies for $25 million back in the 1970’s era. The sole reason to takeover this venture was the fact that commodity- based companies bear higher profits with time after it wins the customer trust and loyalty. See’s Candies has been performing greatly after Warner Buffet’s took over as its owner.

  1. Fechheimer Brothers Company:-


This constituent unit is a manufacturer of formal uniforms of military men, firefighters, and cops. It might have a fixed target group but the profit yields are certainly higher. Also, this company has never faced recessions because of its specific supply and demand. Another reason why Buffet owns it is that law authorities have a steady flow of money in the form of taxes thus only growing his bank balance through the company profits.

Until now, you must have understood why Warner Buffet is known as the Oracle of Ohama. He is one of his kinds and there is a lot you can learn from his audios, videos, interviews and what not to gain financial literacy.

You are still here!?Go and grab one of his books to transform your lives into a lavish money pool.


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