Warning! 5 things you should never Google


As the saying goes, curiosity can kill the cat, and we all get curious once in a while.And we get on google to search for something completely disgusting. So, we have enlisted 5 most offensive things you should never google.

5 creepy things you never knew about that I’m gonna make you google and make you not wanna sleep”

Nikki catsouras:

In 2006 in lake forest of California, 18 year old Nikki catsouras died a horrid death while driving her father’s porsche when she lost control on the vehicle and ran into a light pole. Her body was so damaged that her family wasn’t able to recognise her body at the coroner’s.

The california Highway patrol took photos per their protocol anyway, but then two officers leaked the photos when they emailed them to their friends.

Harlequin Fetus:

If someone tells you to google anything with the word “fetus”, the result is certainly never up to any good. The term “ Harlequin Fetus” leads to a result that includes images of a foetus with a condition called ichthyosis. It’s a skin condition that increases the amount of keratin on the skin of babies causing scales to appear all over the body.

Sadly, baby born with this disease merely live for few days. This is really distressing and horrifying.


We all have had our crushes on famous literary characters, and we all have our fantasies of being swept by a story’s villain or hero. But in this case, there is a squad of women who believe that professor severus snape from harry potter is an actual person to fall in love with.

The women take turn channeling snape’s soul so that they an marry him and have relations with him. And yes, there are pictures on google….which is why you should never google the term “Snapewives”

Faces of Death:

Check this boy murder images on google:

We are all fascinated by death in one way or another. We often wonder when we’re going to die, how it will happen and what happens to our body after we die. One such term that you should never google is “ Faces of Death” You will see different faces of people who have died, which by itself is pretty creepy.

However, just know that not everyone dies a peaceful death.

Blue Waffle:

You may never heard about the term “ Baffle Disease” then not a big deal as you are not alone. It is a very rare disease that people have heard of. This disease is a new disease that is growing up more in males and females. It’s a sexulally transmitted disease that damage those who have low immune system. It looks extremely disturbing so told not to serach image of this disease on google.

Search the real image of Blue Waffle disease, it is really horrifying.

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