Want Dark And Deep Henna Color? Follow These Hacks

Are you someone who still believes in the old wive’s tale- “The darker your Mehendi stain, the more your partner will love you”. Well, its nothing but just a religious myth.

It’s true if the stain is dark, the simple Mehendi design looks good. 

Henna is an old age tradition in many Persian and Asian countries. Girls/Women’s use henna to create beautiful designs to enhance the beauty of their hands to mark special occasions.


If you are a bride to be, then you can relate to this. Must you think ” will my henna gets dark stain? And if it didn’t get dark, will I get a less-caring husband? Well, we all want the henna on our hands and feet to look its best on our wedding day. And why not? A wedding is an exceptional day for most women, and they have the right to look mesmerizing and steal the show.

Now, as you don’t want to compromise on your henna stain, here are some easy and practical ways that can assist you in turning your henna stains darker and intense.

Most don’t know how to make henna to stain darker and profound, and if you are also among someone who is clueless and has the same concern, then fret no more! 

Try any of these ways before your D-day to ensure they have a significant effect on your henna.

Use Chemical-Free Henna

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When it comes to picking the right henna, without a single though consider using natural Mehendi as that not only chemical-free, but the stain is darker, and it highlights the intricate henna design

The longer you wait, the darker you get

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Before applying henna on your palm or feet, make sure that they are properly washed. Try not to apply any lotion or oil before the application of henna. Once applied, leave it for around 12 hours. During this time, keep your mehndi not in touch with soap or water for an additional 24 hours.

If you can keep it longer, the better results you will get. Don’t rub it out using hands, wait until it dries and falls off naturally!

Dab sugar and lemon paste on your henna


It is one of the most common ways that’s used by almost every girl to darken the Mehendi. Follow the below procedure to get the desired result:

After your Mehendi get dried off;

  • Take a bowl to add some sugar and lemon into it
  • Mix the ingredients
  • Use this mixture to dab on your henna

The lemon juice darkens the henna color, while the sugar keeps the henna in touch with the skin for deeper penetration.

Heat and cloves

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Apart from the sugar and lemon paste, another thing that does magic in enhancing the henna color is the cloves. 

Heated Cloves can help you get the dark and deeper color of your henna.

All you need to do is to:

  • heat few cloves in an iron pan
  • turn on the gas and put your henna hands over the pan

Repeat this activity for three to four times and see the difference.

Apply Oil Or Balm

Indian brides usually use balms like Tiger balm, and Vicks, on mehndi after scrapping the henna off. 

Applying oil or balm will boost the henna color penetration and development into the skin. If you don’t have the balm, use mustard oil or coconut oil to boost the color of the henna.



  1. Avoid bringing your henna hands in contact with water. If you wash your hands often, this can lead to your henna not sustain a dark color.
  2. Its best recommended to all the salon treatments like waxing, body polishing, and waxing before getting your hands decorated with mehndi as they may wash off the top crust of your henna, giving it a bad look.
  3. If you know the lemon and sugar trick, that doesn’t mean you apply it too much on your hands and feet.  Overuse could lead to bad results.
  4. Do not use blow-dry to dry the henna on your legs and hands. 

So no matter whether you are a bride-to-be or you’re attending a special one’s wedding, use these simple ways to get a desirable and dark Mehendi sustain that will enhance your overall beauty. 

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