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Wagon R Showed the Worst Performance In Global NCAP Crash Test

Global NCAP crash tests have been conducted recently. The results have shown that the Maruti Suzuki Wagon R has attained 1 star for adult crash rating as well as 0 stars regarding child safety. 

Before this, Wagon R was tested in 2019 and got 2 stars. Although, this was under less rigid testing parameters if we relate this to 2023, which is the reason for a drop in the test scores. 

Adult Crash Test Rating

Wagon R

The car offered by Maruti Suzuki got a rating of 19.69 points in the maximum 34 points. The car also attained 6.7 points in the frontal offset deformable obstruction test as well as 13 points in the side shiftable barrier test. 

There was no side pole influence test organized as the car doesn’t have curtain airbags, only two front airbags. 

In the frontal influence test, it was highlighted that the driver was provided ‘good’ safeguarding for the neck, at the same time, ample protection was given for the head. 

The chest was given ‘weak’ protection, and at the same time, the knees were given slight protection. The test also highlighted that the knees can influence by ‘dangerous structures’ behind the dashboard.

Wagon R

It is noteworthy that in the previous Global NCAP crash tests organized in December 2022, the Maruti Suzuki Swift also got the comment regarding the driver’s knee being a matter of influence with dangerous structures behind the dashboard. 

At the same time, the side of the passenger gets on a bit better with ample protection provided for the chest, and ‘good’ protection provided for the head and neck. 

The footwell and bodyshell were also referred to as unstable and not able to stand with any other loadings. The Wagon R does not consist of Electronic Stability Control as a standard, and it does not adhere to the GTR9 or UN127 pedestrian safety norms. 

Child Crash Test Rating

Wagon R

At the same time, Wagon R managed to have one star in the adult crash rating, while the child crash rating was not so good. Maruti Suzuki didn’t provide the car with ISOFIX nor did it suggest a CRS in the Wagon R. 

The test also highlighted that there is no way to disable the front passenger airbag for the rear-facing child restrain system along with not having the presence of three-point seatbelts for all seating positions. 

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If the airbag was to deploy at the time of influence, the airbag will be unfavorable to the safety of the child. The tests also represented that children were subject to a high risk of injuries in both rear-facing places. 

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