Forget the iPhone X and Galaxy S9, Vivo apex concept phone gives you a peek into the future

Vivo Apex


In the Mobile World Congress 2018, Vivo attracted people’s attention with their concept phone. This phone was named Vivo Apex. The main feature of this phone was that it was introduced with an in-display fingerprint sensor with full screen design. This is the first phone in which any company has provided these display fingerprint sensors. Due to this being full display, this feature has been featured in Pop-up Selfie.


Company changed its plan:  During the event, this phone was introduced to the company as a concept phone. But due to the response of the people, the company has now changed its plans.

Vivo has now officially launched this phone in China officially. With this, the company has said that this phone will be manufactured in large numbers in mid-2018. The company has shared some details related to the device.

Vivo Apex’s specialty:

 This phone is equipped with COF technology with 5.99 inch OLED display. Smartphones are equipped with 18: 9 aspect ratio. The company claims that this phone’s screen-to-body ratio is 98 percent.

This phone has brought Bezal Lace to a different level. Vivo says that his full visual display is the result of new engineering and it will be a milestone in the case of camera, speaker and sensor elements. To get 98 percent screen-to-body ratio, Vivo has selected the OLED panel for display.

The device is the fastest bezel of any of the beams present in any smartphone so far. Top and Side Bezal are just 1.8mm and bottom bezel 4.3mm. Apart from this, Vivo has removed the speaker from the front of the display. In it the screen will act as a speaker.

Screen sound casting technology has been used to bring this feature. Vivo has put a ten and three amplifier inside. With the Apex Full View Concept Phone, the phone will be unlocked when you finger anywhere in the bottom half of the phone.


The company has removed the Nokia from the phone and brought the front camera as a pop-up. This design of the phone is especially attracting people. The device has an 8MP camera, which is hidden behind the screen. This camera pops up when you open the Camera app.

The company says the front camera only takes 0.8 seconds to pop-up. The camera of this phone supports HDR. Some AI features have also been added in this.

The smartphone has the latest Snapdragon 845 chipset. The company has not given information about RAM, storage, camera details and batteries. There is still no information about the price of the phone.

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