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Viral Video: This Dog Swallows A Big Fork, See How It Is Taken Out

A golden retriever puppy has found himself stuffed with silverware after an unusual dinner feast.

In a shocking news coming straight from Australia a cute retriever dog has found himself swallowed fork.

The 5-months old retriever was taken to the hospital instantly at the Adelaide Animal emergency and referral Centre. The centre received a call from owners who feared their retriever had swallowed a metal fork.

Watch the video below:

Never a dull moment in the ER…. we often get surprised too! Imagine getting the call: “I think my dog ate a fork!” 🍴🤦🏼‍♀️A FORK you say? Really? Are you sure? Is it a plastic one? Or a metal one? A baby fork? Or a large Maxwell Williams one your in-laws bought as a wedding gift? Either way…. that’s incredible, but an absolute emergency all in one, so you’d better bring him in…Dustin, the 5 month old golden retriever 🐶 visited AAERC, suspect of “eating a fork”…and eat a fork he did!Now, how does one remove a fork? 🤷🏻‍♂️Option 1: remove via endoscope, OROption 2: remove via surgical interventionLucky for Dustin, option 1 was a success! 👏🏻Check out the X-ray in the comments to confirm that a WHOLE fork had been swallowed, and the video below of removal via scope- low risk, minimally invasive and successful! Be a good boy now Dustin 🥰

Posted by Adelaide Animal Emergency & Referral Centre on Sunday, 26 April 2020


Panicked owners Elise Pitt and Michael were making dinner for the family when their pet ‘Dustin’ decided to join in.

Elise Said “I set the table, walked away for a minute and the dog jumped, got his paws up, pulled the plate down and scoffed the lot,”

“We were searching the floor looking for the fork, but it was nowhere to be found.”

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As they realized it has been swallowed by their pet they immediately rushed to the hospital, where x-rays showed the 10cm long fork had become tucked in his oesophagus.

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Luckily, the fork was safely removed by the experts and the dog is fine now.

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