Watch: Thief went to rob gold chain, But Hilariously Fails

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Viral Video: Thief went to rob gold chain, But Hilariously Fails! Thieves are devious. Well, they have to be so, for fooling people and run off with their valuable assets is no fair and simple task. Some manage to achieve at their trials at looting, buy sometimes others fail badly.

For an illustration, have a look at this unlucky thief, who had clueless that the man he was dealing with in the store, was smarter than him.

watch the video below:

In a humorous incident that took place in Thailand on November 30, a robber struggled to flee a jewelry shop with a gold chain only to be trolled by the owner.

The CCTV footage of this incident has gone viral, evidently shows up a rangy man coming in the store and inquiring for a gold chain worth around Rs. 45k.

As per latest breaking news, the robber has been described as 27-year-old Suphachai Panthong.

As soon as the gold necklace was offered to him, he wore it around his neck as a trial. But, after spending a few seconds pretending to buy the necklace, all of a sudden the man made a fast dash towards the shop door.

The store owner Jarae Nitikarun had eventually become suspicious about the man and had shut the door remotely.