Viral clip of a Saudi Arabia fashion show featuring drone models


Whenever we think of a fashion show, beautiful models are seen walking on the ramp with rocking music. On the ramp, many models display alternate clothing designers of fashion designers. People sitting on both sides of the ramp welcome them with strong applause on the arrival and style of models. We have seen and heard something similar to the fashion show till date.

But the people of Saudi Arabia have seen a fashion show where clothes were displayed with the drones rather than the beautiful models on the ramp. Indeed, women models in Saudi Arabia are strictly forbidden to go to a fashion show. Therefore, during this fashion show, designers had to take help of drones instead of models to display their clothes diligently. Seeing them, it seemed as if a ghost was running.

According to Alaraby’s report, During last month’s Riyadh Fashion Week inauguration ceremony in Saudi Arabia, only women were included in the audience. While male designers were not allowed backstage on their show itself.

Saudi Arabia has always been known for its strict rules. People here have everything in terms of money and technologies. In Saudi Arabia, Islamic people would not consider the good exposing girl in front of men.

While the organizers said that this is the month of Ramzan, instead of models, the drone has to be resorted to. But people did not like their idea at all. More than half the hall was empty during the show. This makes it clear that technology can never win with human beings.

Reactions of people after watching this type of fashion show:

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