Viral: Cat Tastes Ice Cream For The First Time, See Video


When it comes to viral content, cat videos always tops the list. Owners who own cats share videos of cat activities with their friends. Whether they are playing with wool balls or cleaning themselves. Cute pets are considered the most lazy, and yet they are absolutely adorable in whatever they do. A video of a cat has been shared on social media in which a cat is seen tasting ice cream for the first time.

Just look at the video below:

The video was shared by @damn_elle on Twitter and has been viewed more than 300k times. The user tried to serve the cat some ice cream in a spoon . At first the cat seemed excited about tasting it, but as soon as the icy cold piece touched the cat’s tongue, it immediately turned to horror as if it was something that would freeze the cat.ย 

Users posted their reactions to the video stating the funniest cat video on the internet. Some netizens also expressed their concern and worry about the health of the cat.

See the reactions:

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